Frequenctly asked questions

The generated list does not contain any song.
If the generated list does not contain any song after generation do one of the following checks:
  • Does you music library contain music songs? Check this with your music app.
  • The selected playlist for a slider does not exist anymore. Check in the app the settings for each slider and click the selected playlist
  • The selected filter settings of a slider are chosen so that no song in the music library matches the filter criteria. Or the overal selected filter settings are chosen so that in song resulting from the selected criteria.

""last skipped date" filtering: how to upload the iTunes Music Library.xml file?"
Apple does not support "last skipped date" in their iOS SDK and this is why it cannot be supported by apps. However, PlayGenie can still support it if the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file from your computer is uploaded to PlayGenie. You only have to do this once: on startup PlayGenie checks if there are new songs on your iOS device and keeps the "last skipped date" automatically if it was not read from the iTunes Music Library.xml before. The "iTunes Music Library.xml" file can be found on your computer, see The file can be uploaded to PlayGenie using iTunes File Sharing, see or using Dropbox. Using Dropbox you have to put the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file on the folder Apps/PlayGenie. Please contact me if you need help to upload the file.

"Will other filtering items be supported in the future?"
Yes, it is planned to support all filterable items that are supported by the Apple iOS SDK in the app.

"Why is a saved playlist in playgenie not shown in ipod/itunes"
The Apple iOS SDK does not support creation of playlist in other Apps. So saved playlists can only be shown in playgenie.

"Is iTunes Match supported"
iTunes Match is supported.

"Is Airplay supported"
Airplay is supported. Because the Apple iOS SDK has not API to start Airplay, in order to start Airplay you must go out of the app and go to iPod music app.

"Can I quit PlayGenie after generation of the playlist?"
PlayGenie works in sync with the built in iPod or Music app meaning that you can quit PlayGenie and continue listen to your generated playlist while you are using other apps.

"When will the app be available in my own language?"
With your help PlayGenie can be translated to any language. Please contact me with your request and help me with the translation in your language.

"There are language errors in PlayGenie"
If your find language errors in PlayGenie (it relies on Google translate), please contact me with your corrections.

"I have recommendations for new features or found errors."
Please contact me with your recommendations or errors.

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