PlayGenie - Smart Playlist Generator for iPhone/iPad

PlayGenie let you create a smart playlist that is generated from other playlists or your entire music library and always you to filter and sort it on play count, skip count, artist, rating etc. Furthermore, you can modify the playlist and save it. 

Unique features: "Date Added" and "Last Skipped Date" filtering and modify rating of songs in PlayGenie.

iPadAir 2 H SpcGr iPhone 6 1

How to use:

  • Push down button on the middle bar.
  • Using the settings buttons above every slider, select for every slider a source playlist, its sorting and filters.
  • Select the overall filters and number of songs for the generated playlist
  • Push up button on the middle bar.
  • Give weight to each slider
  • Generation of the playlist starts automatically
  • You can modify the generated playlist by double tapping the middle bar.
  • Press play to start listening.
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